When you have no idea for a research project, binge-watch How To Get Away With Murder. Over the weekend I managed something almost impossible (not really). In the span of 48 hours, I managed to watch all 15 existing episodes of How To Get Away With Murder. And boy did I get hooked. Quickly. This […]

I’ve had this WordPress blog for almost two years now, and through it I’ve been opened to a whole new world of connecting and communicating with people. Not only has it been eye-opening, but it’s also been challenging, but rewarding all at the same time. I’ve learnt a huge amount of new things each semester, […]

Since beginning this journey about 6-7 weeks ago, I found that a lot has changed. As stated before, weight loss isn’t the only reason to be healthier. According to Charlotte Andersen, living healthier can reduce stress, and make you an all around happier person. I believe this to be true! Since beginning my healthy journey, […]

I am definitely not an attentive person. I can’t sit through an entire Lord of the Rings Movie without being distracted in one way or another (just ask my boyfriend, they’re his favourite movies). Being interested in where this attention-span study could take me, I researched into average statistics. According to a study conducted by […]

This year I’ve undertaken a few journalism subjects, in which I have had to find and create stories for the UOWTV page. These stories have had to include filming and photographing certain areas and events, which lead me to my questions on whether or not I was actually allowed to film and photograph these strangers. […]

The cinema, for me, is a place I go to pass some time. Whether it be taking my little cousins, or going on a date with my boyfriend, or just out with some friends to see the latest flick. My favourite thing about the movies is probably the popcorn, but a close second would definitely […]

For a while now, I’ve been meaning to eat better and live healthier, and MARK320 gave me the nudge to do so. What better way to start? Upon researching why living healthier is beneficial to society, and myself, it is clear that the only reason to do so isn’t just ‘weight loss’. According to Charlotte […]

In approaching my mother about her wondrous journey of the internet, she laughed. “Shouldn’t you be talking to your father about that?” (At this time my father was on the internet in the same room, so his input was also valued). Upon asking my parents if they remembered what it was like when the internet […]

“Give me a word, any word, and I show you that the root of that word is Greek.” *Gus Portokalos voice* “Ethnography comes from the Greek word enthos which means ‘folk people, nation’ and grapho which means ‘I write’.” The word Ethnography can be described as ‘virtually any qualitative research project where the intent is […]

The Television was introduced to homes in Australia in 1956. Since then, a lot has changed. TVs began as black and white boxes that took up a quarter of the living room – now they’ve evolved into curved flat-screens that take up the entire living room wall. The Television isn’t as much of a privilege […]

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