THE ONE WITH THE INFOGRAPHIC | A Binge Watching ‘Friends’ Infographic

Here is the infographic. I’ve managed to condense all the results from my survey into this Infographic, which supports the Photo-Story Component of the Project. If you would like to see it full size, just click on it, and enlarge it! Enjoy! Other posts in the ‘Binge Watching Friends’ series: The One With The Idea […]

THE ONE WITH THE PHOTOS | A Binge Watching ‘Friends’ Photo Story

Over the last few weeks, I’ve managed to round up a bunch of people’s varying ways in which they watch friends – and why. I’ve made it into a photo story, with an image of them in their ideal ‘friends watching situation’, and I’ve also managed to get a blurb from each of them, giving […]

The One With the Research

As stated in my previous blog post, I’ve officially come to a conclusion for my research project, and have even undertaken some methods in completing the project. I’ve taken some photos of people in their ideal friends watching environment, and I’ve found that most binge-watchers use their laptops to watch their shows, which is interesting. […]


When you have no idea for a research project, binge-watch How To Get Away With Murder. Over the weekend I managed something almost impossible (not really). In the span of 48 hours, I managed to watch all 15 existing episodes of How To Get Away With Murder. And boy did I get hooked. Quickly. This […]

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