If you’ve been here before – and it’s more than likely most of you have, then you’ll know almost all there is to know about me.

I’m Lauren, and I’m a second year Communications and Media/Journalism student. I’m majoring in Marketing – and if you’ve ever thought of doing the same, then don’t. If you value your sanity, steer clear of Commerce subjects.

Here are the top three most important things there is to know about me (eh):

  1. I’ve lived in Wollongong my entire life
  2. Pizza, Pasta and Peach Iced Tea are my only true loves
  3. I’m very shy and very clumsy (I take after my dad)

If you have any more questions then feel free to ask me over on twitter – @lauren_ferri

Media Space

Walking out of the lecture on Monday, I had a very, very fuzzy understanding on what to write in this blog, yet the one thing I did take away, is that in relation to media space, it matters where you are. Thinking about this, I couldn’t really put together my place in media space, and it made me question many things. How big is the media space? Is there only one media space? Does everyone have their own media space? What am I having for dinner tonight?

Media space is determined by access and who is around you, it’s social, and determined by constraints. If this is the case, then access is given to us via smartphones, laptops and tablets, and the access to media space is almost ‘vital’ in our every day lives. It helps us keep up with Kylie Jenner’s lips, and what our third cousin from the other side of the world had for breakfast today. In the sense of digitalisation, it’s a social space that reflects one’s everyday life.

If I wasn’t already heavily reliant on social media, then beginning a Communications degree one and a half years ago surely didn’t help. I began my Twitter account in July 2011. Yep – four years ago. And what a ride it’s been!! 80k tweets (eek) and 5k followers later, I, of course didn’t begin my account with the intention of it becoming a Uni/Professional account, yet here we are. Platforms such as Twitter, WordPress and Facebook have become tools to me throughout this time. A year ago, I went on a cruise, and not having access to these platforms almost broke me, and it made me realise how dependant we all are. With the lack of access, you feel as if you’re alone, and missing out on important things that are happening far away.

Figuring out my place in this media space, is a complex process. The question that lingers at the moment is not where my place is, yet how do I get there?

Ugh. This is going to be a long semester.

See you on the flip side.

Love, Lauren


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