So, what some of you viewers may know about me (or may not, that’s cool too), is that I’ve dabbled in many interests in my past. I’ve literally aspired to endure every single career out there. Just kidding, that’s a little bit over the top, tehe.

Here’s just a little list of everything I’ve wanted to be:

  • Actress
    • Acting is still a great love of mine, I’m just realistic about the future
  • Interior Designer
    • I feel like I’m destined to live in IKEA forever…
  • Dancer
    • This one was a looooong time ago
  • Police Officer
    • I have one thing to say to that: HA
  • Journalist
    • I’m entering a dying field, but that’s okay
  • Intelligence Officer
    • It’s basically a spy… as if you don’t want to be one
  • And quite a while ago, Filmmaker

Now, I’m studying Journalism and Marketing (through BCM) at the moment, but how did I actually get here?! It’s actually quite a funny story. I remember as if it were yesterday…

When I was in year ten, I had my heart set on attending NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) and becoming an actress. When I say my heart was set on it, I was already preparing my audition pieces. But through further research I found out that NIDA wanted people with life experience, so I thought, let’s go to UOW and get some life experience eh? I was talking to mother dearest about this, and as we were pulling into the driveway at home, she said “Why don’t you do journalism?”. And, I shit you not. It’s stuck with me until today. I never made some big revelation about my ‘love for writing’ or photography or anything like that. My mum just merely suggested it to me, and I was like, that’s cool, yeah, let’s do that. And ever since, I’ve wanted to become a Journalist.

I even had my year eleven english teacher laugh in my face when I told her it’s what I wanted to do. Do you THINK I would’ve taken Advanced English if I didn’t have to?!

Of course – I had my doubts and often thought of becoming something else. Like, for example in year twelve, I decided to take Industrial Technology (Multimedia) ((I thought I was great with computers – I was WRONG)). With this, became a MAJOR WORK. The thought STILL frightens me. So, for this, I thought “pffft I can make a film let’s do this”. And I soon set out on my very short, very brief filmmaking career.

I created a Suicide Awareness video for youth, and I’m not going to lie – I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. (And that Band 6 in IT – thx for that too hehe). It’s come a pretty long way since then, and it’s kinda cool to see my work kinda grow like that. View the video below (mind the awkward grey bit in the middle – uploading was a bitch back then). Enjoy, and let me know what you think!! 🙂 🙂

Love, Lauren


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