‘Nobody knows everything, but everyone knows something’ – Henry Jenkins (2006)

Let’s face it – the days of traditional journalism is over. Monologic media platforms are gone. The 21st century has introduced participatory culture and in the reporting area, citizen journalism. With the quick snap of a pic, flick of a tweet, or capture of a video, anyone with a mobile device has the ability to be a journalist. Presenting, commenting and sharing news and events.

In this day and age, a simple log onto (almost) any social media site gives you access to most of the current news! (Take the Nepalese Earthquake for example). The hashtag also makes this super easy, within seconds you have a world of information at your fingertips.

Whilst this concept is a massive YAY for citizen journalism, there’s also a downside. The lack of gatekeeping in relation to citizen journalism means that many things posted doesn’t really have lots of credibility, and there’s the occasional ‘doofus’ that puts their views and ideas where they’re really not needed. One such example is Kurt Coleman, and his explanation of the disappearance of flight MH370.


In relation to my media platform, Instagram, Hurricane Sandy was claimed to be ‘the platform’s true moment to shine in relation to citizen journalism, with 1.3 million photos being posted and shared for the entire world to see’. Whether you were home in Sydney, or across the world, you had the ability to witness the destruction of good ol’ Sandy, through the hashtag #hurricanesandy.

Is citizen journalism the next major step in the media revolution? It’s safe to say, that we are no longer just passive viewers, we are people with strong voices, that can be heard.



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