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This week, we’re exploring music sampling, and the concept of remixing and remix culture through the augmentation of produsage cultural practices. Remixing has definitely become a part of our culture through technological advances.

Technological convergence has caused media to become mixed and matched (ie – remixed). Popular opinion these days state that everything is remixed and nothing is original. This is evident through modern music, mainly comprised of four chord beats (even the almighty T-Swizzle uses the 4 chord trick). Through the advancement of technology, and becoming more accessible to people all around the world, remixing’s popularity has risen.

Remixes are mainly associated with music (I personally am guilty of this), through music is only one small part, and remix culture can branch off into many different mediums. There isn’t much difference between originality and remixing. These days, it’s hard to come by original products, whether it be music, video, or an artwork. Many things influence the author and foundations stem from other works. Does this make almost everything a remix?

Club Music is one of the best examples when looking into the power of remixing in the music industry. DJ’s usually take foundations, (chorus or beat) from a song and remix it, mashing it up with another song or putting their own spin on it.

One example, is Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness. Cedric Gervais remixed the song, completely changing it and opening the door to a different audience.

Remixing is just further demonstrating the participatory culture and prosumerism of our society and the developing ways of our convergent world!


  • Remix: A piece of content that has been edited or altered although the original is still present. Remake. Appropriation.
  • Remix Culture: A society that allows and encourages derivative works by combining or editing existing materials to produce a new product.
  • Remediation: Taking one media platform and remediating it into something else.
  • Mash-up: Staying within the same media platform, aka Audio.
  • Produsage: “The collaborative and continuous building and extending of existing content in pursuit of further improvement” (Bruns, 2007)


Love, Lauren



  1. I liked how you linked this back to the rising participatory culture explored last week. I enjoyed your blog as it was simple and to the point while providing good musical examples of the remix culture, you could however, of branched off slightly and given examples of the many other mediums that remix is associated. In saying that, I agree with your statement that authentic originality is hard to come by as artists, authors etc are influenced by many things so you addressed this idea that perhaps everything being a remix.

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