Headspace is Australia’s National Youth Mental Health Foundation. provides a lot of information and stability for young people and mental health. Not only does it provide information, but it also provides outlets – such as headspace centres and phone calls for people who need professional help. It offers information, insights and real stories.

The website involves information under fields such as “is it just me?” which provides support and information, such as real stories and support through online chats and background information on anything that anyone is confused about or needs aid with. It also provides lots of information on ‘work and study’ which can help youth getting a job and aids in resumes, cover letters and applications. It is directed at youth, and something that people can access privately, away from friends or family. The website is very positive, about finding help and is easy to understand and navigate.

Visual aids, such as images and videos aid the text in supporting all the information available. The website is interactive and has information for parents and carers that have youth going through some type of ordeal. The website is set to help out anyone with any type of need. The website provides research and information, resources, evidence maps and even support when it comes to schooling and studying.

The website gives the opportunity to get involved and provides annual reports to give a positive background on the foundation. The entire website is user-friendly and creates a calming and positive atmosphere through the use of the visuals – the colour green especially aiding this. The entire website is positive, and doesn’t target anyone or any type of mental health, but accepts all people and is always willing to help.

The website is extremely positive and does a great job of not only providing information, but also providing support for those in need.

Love, Lauren


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  1. Hey Lauren i really like the topic you have chosen for your analysis. Headspace is a great company and after reading your blog i want to got research it more in order to make a difference. I worked in a hospital so i know what its like to work with kids that have mental health problems, but it is so satisfying when you do something and get them to laugh or smile. it really made my day when this happened. The support lines that headspace offers must be so valuable and cherished as some people have no one to talk to can use these and escape from what they feeling by calling up and just asking for help from professionals. I hope to see more of your work in the future Lauren 🙂

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