*Gets down on one knee* – Will you be my audience?

This week, we focus on the audience, or as Jay Rosen stated, “the people formerly known as the audience” and how they’ve empowered, accessed and participated across media platforms. Media users and audiences are definitely not limited by age, sex, place, or even anonymity.

Prosumers is a term that describes what many of us are here on the good ol’ web – we are the audience, but we are also the creators of content. And isn’t it wonderful that we can change what exactly we want to consume?!

Through Janey Gordon’s article ‘The Mobile Phone and the Public Sphere’, she outlines the use of mobile phones as a communications device, and how it becomes a vital tool to document and report events from eyewitnesses. Through the use of MMS and SMS, mobile users are given the opportunity to contribute vastly to the media’s coverage of major events. It is also noted that the mobile phone can specify valuable evidence of what actually occurred, via an eyewitness, rather than a mediated source.

This participatory culture, and source credibility all comes into play when discussing how technological convergence affects the role of media users and audiences. It is evident that social media facilitates new forms of content creation and individual expression.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, gives the audience an opportunity to become involved with media, and user generated content, effectively impacts the established norms of legacy media. Social Media enables new forms of content creation and individual expression, and with the growth of the media, the audience grows also.


Source: Lauren Ferri, 2015


  • Gordon, Janey (2007), The Mobile Phone and the Public Sphere: Mobile Phone Usage in Three Critical Situations, Convergence 13/3 Pages: 307-319.

Love, Lauren



  1. This blog post is really informative and links closely with the readings. I love the way in which you have actually viewed the readings and put them to use in this post when discussing the mobile phone and the public sphere. The meme at the end really adds to the post because it displays how social media users are always viewing and watching what you post! Awesome work, Lauren 🙂

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