The Great Debate

The famous Apple vs Android feud. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all fought with SOMEONE, over which is better. I can tell you, that I’ve had this very debate with my own father many times! The real question is though, who has the control? Currently owning an iPhone 6+, surely it is mine? Though, I can’t really personalise it, and Apple has the greater control. So, are our technologies out of our control? Henry Jenkins poses that ‘some see a world without gatekeepers, others a world where gatekeepers have unprecedented power’ (Jenkins, 2006).


“Convergence alters the relationship between existing technologies, industries, markets, genres and audiences” (Jenkins, 2004). Our world is a world where media and technologies are everywhere – and you may never get away from it! This creates a position where creators need to develop products that will captivate audiences.

Apple vs Android. These devices share the same media platform. Though, one is open, and the other is locked. Android users have the fine luxury of moulding and modifying their device to their personal wants and needs. Contrastingly, Apple’s products are locked. With the claim that it’s for the consumer’s benefit. Though, how long will it take for consumer’s to start to hate this, and want to personalise their own devices?

As an Apple fiend, I find the products easy to use, and quite aesthetically pleasing. (Apple is my aesthetic). The closed platform doesn’t bother me, but studying IT throughout High School, I can understand why it can infuriate some computer/gaming lovers. 

After all this, it’s safe to say that I truly do enjoy the closed nature of my devices. I don’t really find the need to break apart my computer and personalise it, and same with my trusty iPhone 6+!


  • Jenkins, H. (2004), The cultural logic of media convergence, International Journal of Cultural Studies, Volume 7(1): 33–43.
  • Ideas sourced by: Mitew, T. 2015, ‘Platforms, permissions and ideologies in technological convergence’ lecture, BCM112, University of Wollongong, delivered 23 March 2015.

Love, Lauren



  1. It seems like Apple and Android will forever be butting heads and contending to be number one. I wrote a post viewing the debate also, I’m definitely an apple fan. The simplicity of an iPhone makes it so much more appealing tbh. Love how you have used the sources in this to show the convergence of the technologies. Overall, a great post. You go girl 😉

  2. I’m definitely bias towards Apple but I like how you have shown a clear divide between the Android and Apple devices . Of course companies have to differentiate their products regularly to stay on top so I like how you have shown the war between Android vs Apple. I love how you have used sources in this to show the convergence of the technologies as well. Overall really well executed. You made it clear and concise and gave me a better understanding of locked appliances vs generative platforms.

  3. emmahjane · · Reply

    I never used to be an apple fan, i grew up with Windows computers and Samsung phones but being brought up in a high school primarily based on Apple, i began to see its simplicity. So yeah I’m definitely an Apple girl. And I totally agree that technology has more control over our lives than we do. Quite sad really, that it has become so inevitable. Great post, really enjoyed reading.

  4. Christopher Moore · · Reply

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