Media Research


Research is such a fascinating thing! It’s something that occurs daily without us realising it, through ‘googling’ something we find interesting, to our daily scroll on FaceBook. Simply logging onto Twitter, Instagram or Facebook opens up a whole new world for everyone and what we’re exposed to day in and day out. From make-up, to worldly issues, to the latest celebrity scandal, the world is at our fingertips with just the click of a few buttons. Through the internet, we have access to the upmost vital, and in turn, the most ridiculous information that is available to us. Research opens us up to many new ideas and concepts, it’s understood to be the process that establishes an outcome or the process of a concept. Research is understood to be an ‘attempt to discover something’. This involves all areas of media, from broadcast to print, to the understanding of different demographics.

Media Research involves a process that needs to be undertaken. This involves observations, data gathering, hypothesis and theory formulation, and a way to test the theory and gather more information to inform the test (McCutcheon, M., BCM210 Lecture slides, 2015). From this, we are able to research in two different aspects, Qualitative and Quantitative. Qualitative research plays a vital role, as it is targeted to how individuals feel and what they think (especially about something specific in the media), whereas Quantitative is about numbers and demographic splits. Media research can have a copious amount of outcomes, and can be conducted in many different ways. The result of effective research creates a world of possibilities.

One area of interest that I would like to investigate involves media bias, especially in the news. Journalism and media companies can be seen to be biased towards specific parties *cough* Murdoch *cough*. Not only media bias, but why exactly people choose where to listen to the news, and if they trust the information. I’m not exactly sure which angle I would like to take this, as it’s such a broad concept, but I feel that it could be interesting nonetheless.

I’m sure it’s obvious that almost everyone has their opinion on media bias, but maybe through research and investigation, I’ll be able to create a deeper understanding.

  • McCutcheon, M. 2015, ‘What is media research?’, Lecture slides, Research Practices in Media and Communication, BCM210, University of Wollongong, viewed 13th March 2015

Love, Lauren


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