The Medium is the… what now?!

There are many different types of medium outlets, and these have continued to grow over many years. From the printing press, to the radio, to the internet – these emerging technologies are constantly adapting and changing, providing us with newer ways to communicate and send messages.

Marshall McLuhan’s concept of “The Medium is the Message” states that the medium is an extension of ourselves. As stated in Mark Federmen’s article, a message is “the change of scale or pace or pattern” (McLuhan, 8), hinting that the medium is possibly more important than the message itself.

The introduction of the internet was such a renowned and important time in Technological Advancement. It was able to do what all the other mediums could – it combined all the previous mediums into one. The development of the internet creates access to the public sphere and an opportunity to be actively involved and participate rather than be a passive audience. The many doors that the internet opened upon its advancement is enormous, causing the medium to become an enabler.

The rapid process of convergence is evident through three main, intertwining principles – audience, industries and technologies. These convergence trajectories are three key parts of convergence and the change of the medium. Through the creation of the internet, the audience has moved from a passive audience, to an audience that creates content – therefore industries no longer hold the control over information and where it comes from. The audience turned from passive to active, from a paradigm for only consuming content (passive) to individuals who produce, share and consume content from all different parts of the world.

Through the evolution of the converging technologies, the mediums that can be used to produce content has expanded rapidly. Yet it is evident in McLuhen’s statement and Mark Federmen’s article, that the medium must compliment the message. If the medium changes, so does the message. As Mark Federmen states “the content of a medium in almost all cases, is another distinct medium in itself” (Federmen, M. 2004). The medium is the key, yet it isn’t about the content that the medium produces, or the way the medium is used, yet it is about the change the medium brings – the way it creates change in today’s societies and cultures. Federmen claims that the medium helps us to assists in our understanding of the messages, and allows viewers to perceive the message from a variety of views. Yet, one negative aspect is that consumers tend to distort the messages.

It is obvious that we have become so comfortable with the internet and the many doors it has opened for us in relation to the media. Though, it is with this comfort, that we have forgotten about the outdated mediums, forgetting about where the messages began. It is through the convergence of technologies that we are able to interact with the world on a greater scale than ever before.


Love, Lauren



  1. Love the way you incorporated the texts into this post and how you explained the whole concept in a simplistic way. The way you link this all together really flows and is really easy to understand what “the medium is the message” really means!

  2. Very well prepared and written! I enjoyed reading this as it was easy for me to understand. Thanks!

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