Time to begin again

Hello and welcome to my blog… again!

My name is Lauren, I’m 18 years old and I’m currently in my second year of UOW! Now, you may wonder why a second year student is doing a first year subject. Well, firstly, I began my studies as an eager student in a double degree – Bachelor of Journalism/Bachelor of Arts. How wrong I was… beginning my studies I chose to major in Sociology in the arts degree, yet two weeks into the subjects, I bailed out of sociology and went on to do marketing subjects.

It took me two weeks. Two weeks for a young little 17 year old newbie UOW student to completely drop half the course she’d been super excited to start. And that’s how we’ve ended up here. I’ve finally moved degrees, and I could finally do BCM112 (the joy!).

So, yeah, now I’m a second year UOW student doing a double degree of Journalism/Communications and Media (Marketing and Advertising), doing five subjects this semester!! Wow, so excited (note, sarcasm). If you scroll down my blog, you’ll see my posts from subjects that I did last year, such as BCM110, JRNL101 and JRNL102 – and they’re not really all that interesting, but, they’re there if you like.

So, as I said, My name is Lauren, I’m 18 years old, and I’m a second year student here at UOW. I previously studied at St Mary Star of the Sea in Wollongong, and I spend my free time working two jobs and spending time with friends. In my free time I enjoy Dance Moms and other television shows that are so completely pointless, and drinking Peach Iced Tea. I rely way to heavily on those around me for support and happiness, and I’d literally kill for any of my close friends and family. My boyfriend is currently in the Australian Defence Force (he’s been the lovely subject of many of my Journalism assignments) and he lives in Albury/Wodonga, doing a trade. I enjoy Pizza and Pasta way too much for anyone, and you’ll probably always see me with a peach iced tea in my hand. I complain about almost anything and everything (including uni work – sorry, not sorry – [for those of you that follow me on twitter]) and I am pretty much in love with the 1975. I dance to Taylor Swift a LOT in my spare time, so there’s also that.

So yeah, welcome to the blog, for the second time round. Let’s make this one as enjoyable as last year! (note, slight sarcasm).


Love, Lauren


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