My Apologies

Bless me WordPress, for I have sinned. It has been 18 days since my last blog post…

My dearest apologies, fellow bloggers. In my last post (18 days ago, yikes!) I promised that I would continue with the blogging process, as I was really enjoying it. And I do enjoy it, ever so much. Yet, the past 18 days has been a roller-coaster of crazy!!

To be completely honest, it feels like I’ve goneĀ a lot longer than 18 days without posting anything, yet so much as happened and I feel that I’ve grown as a person. First off – i’ve literally grown, I turned 18! (Finally, can I get a hallelujah!)

I’ve also completed my first ever University Exam (Marketing, you are the bane of my existence), I’ve received my first assessment results, I’ve witnessed the classic ‘Uni Night’ scene at The Grand, and I’ve consumed more chocolate than I’d like to admit.

The past two and a half weeks have been so full on, that I feel like I’ve just lost time completely. The whole Uni experience is going to quickly (I say that now, I have another five years to go) yet, I’m enjoying every single bit about it! (Ask me again during exam-time, you’ll get a different answer).

If you read one of my first posts – you’ll understand just how nervous I was about beginning University and making friends. I’m so shy and awkward, I never thought I’d become so close with so many people within the first session – let alone the first few weeks. Yet, it’s happened and it’s such a surreal and amazing experience.

My mother always told me that the friends you make at Uni are the friends you have for life – though, I never believed her. As my friends from high school go their separate ways and attend different Universities, it’s scary to think how much my mother was right. Staying in contact is difficult when you don’t have the opportunity to see each other everyday for a whole six hours. The friends I’ve made at Uni are so nice and such great people and they honestly make the experience that much better.

This post is basically an update to what’s been happening and another (not so trustworthy) promise that I will be blogging more! I love expressing myself through words, and there really is no better way to do it than to blog, so blog I shall do.

Until next time

Love, Lauren


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