There’s always those people that make it about themselves when you are hurting. If you injure your leg, they’ll complain about having a sore hand. If you’re angry, they’re angrier. If you’re sad, they’re depressed. They’ll demand attention, when you’re the one who needs help.

You see, when angry, there’s going to be those people who are 100% blunt and honest with you. They’re going to tell you to shut it, and quite frankly they won’t do it nicely. Their reason for being mad is because you’re mad and there won’t be any other excuses, it’s how things are.

Anger is a secondary emotion. It’s how people stop themselves from being hurt. Anger is how people stop themselves by empathising.

What not many people understand, is that there’s a difference between hatred and the frustration of those who are hurting. The bottom line is, when you’re upset or hurting, there will always be that person who says “I’m worse, shut up.” There will always be those people who are jealous and mad that you’re trying to ‘steal the attention’. There will always be people who hate being challenged and will get angry at the same time as you do.

I say I hate Mondays. But truth be known that my sister was born on one and she’s the greatest joy I’ve ever known. I say I hate pineapple but I still try it again, because he asks me too, just to see if it stings less every time. I say I hate the colour brown, but really it’s just the way the mouth turns down when it’s said, when in reality it’s the colour of my hair, my eyes and my favourite jumper. It’s okay to be sad when someone generalises a group you’re in or something you’re interested in. But instead of hating them and assuming they’re the devil and full of hatred, maybe ask them why they think that way – you might end up with a new friend.

Love, Lauren


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