Don’t Shoot the Media!

The real question is; what ISN’T the media being blamed for? …Well, that’s not ENTIRELY correct, it just wouldn’t surprise me if in ten years time if the media was being blamed for something like global warming…

No seriously, the media is being blamed for many issues these days. Many people blame the media probably because it’s the medium that is expressing the issues. If the Internet or television didn’t exist, how would you even know what’s happening? We’re basically playing a game of ‘shoot the messenger’ here…

In all honesty, the media has such a profound influence on the entire population (especially youth – darn you generation whateverweare), that it really doesn’t surprise me about the blame. (Honestly, it isn’t all unjustified). The thing with media is that it can be completely one sided – and 80% of the time, it is. (Murdoch, you fool).

When thinking of ‘media’ our minds first travel to the mediums and platforms that include TV and radio and such. Though, these inventions have been around for almost half a century now, so why are issues only now being raised? The past few years, massive problems are being brought to people’s attention (love you, internet). Everyone always needs someone to blame (take me and my sister, for example) and in this case, it’s probably just EASIEST to blame the media.

Being a teen myself, I know all too well about the blames and indifferences the media can cause. I’ve heard it all, “Lauren, you spend too much on your computer!” or “Loz, all you do is sit on the facespace and the mybook, do you even have friends?”

There’s one difficult issue that the media has been blamed for immensely, and it’s a tragic and concerning issue. The issue of Eating Disorders relating to the issue of Mass Media. Harvard Medical School has written up an article on their studies, and these show that the indirect effects of the media on teen girls can almost change who they are completely. This is a massive issue for youth, young girls are exposed to ideals of beauty literally every day. On the television, in magazines, on the internet, even on a billboard for almost any retail store. These unrealistic ideals of beauty causes major issues in young women. Young girls are taught that they’re expected to be beautiful and stick thin and are probed and forced into these high expectations that can’t be lived up to, and this damages them, on the inside and the outside.

In conclusion, the media is blamed for pretty much everything in todays society, and I don’t believe that it’s ALL justified. The media does basically shove unreasonable ideals and issues in your face almost 24/7, but it’s up to the people to take it in. You can’t always believe what’s on the internet right? Isn’t in the same for the media? You have your own filter, some people just need to open their eyes and look at the bigger picture.

Until next time, Lauren.


Harvard Medical School – – Kit Chellel – Jan 5, 2011.

Love, Lauren



  1. I’m just super happy with the dig at Murdoch to be honest!

    1. Hahaha why thank you!! Tried to be witty… Not my forte!

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